5 Days Guilin Yangshuo Longji Photo Tour

5 Days Guilin, Yangshuo and Longji Photo Tour

Duration 5 Days
Group size Only you
Guided in English
Instructed by Expert Photographer
Aprox. photos more than 600

This tour covers 1-5 days itinerary, including almost all best of Guilin photography locations and activities, sunrise, sunset, karst mountains and rivers, rice terraces and rice fields, ancient towns and villages, local people potraits, and cormorant fishermen photography.

You can get inspired from the following itineraries that most of my customers took. You can also use the tailor-making form to tell me what your preferences are, I will design a Guilin photography tour with your interests and pace. All tours are private and guided by local experienced photo experts.

Why Join Our Photo Tour?

  • 1 PHOTOGRAPHER designed this tour
  • 2 PHOTOGRAPHER guide this tour

What does a photographer guide mean for the tour?

A photographer guide will take you to the unique spots, find the different angles, help you on camera settings and composition, interact with local minority people, you will bring home with portfolio shots.

Photo Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Longji Rice Terraces & Minority Tribe

Starting from Guilin at 8 am, we head to Ping’an village at Longji rice terraces, the second-largest minority village in the Longji area.

We shoot views of the rice terraces and of minority women in traditional dress walking in the terraced fields.

In the late afternoon, we move on to Dazhai village, and visit a local minority family. Photograph an old minority couple in their traditional wooden house. It's very photogenic, and might result in some good entries for photo competitions.

Hike uphill for around 2 hours to a village hotel, and stay overnight in the village.

Day 2
Longji Rice Terraces & Ancient Town

Shoot the sunrise from a spot around 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel. If it rained the day before, it may be possible to capture some mist surrounding the village.

Photograph the rice terraces and minority village from different perspectives.

Get back to Guilin in the afternoon. Visit an ancient town in Guilin.

Shoot scenes on the ancient streets from the locals' lives. Photograph houses with red lanterns, and old people’s portraits inside an old wooden house.

Day 3
Landscapes Sunrise and Cormorant Fisherman at Dusk

At 4 am set off on a 1.5-hour drive to Xianggong Hill, to catch the sunrise and photograph the Li River Bend. The Hill is one of the best spots for shooting sunrise and classic landscapes in the Guilin area.

Visit two elderly cormorant fishermen in the afternoon, shoot portraits in their old wooden homes, and listen to stories from their experiences.

Lastly, in another highlight of the day, meet an old white-bearded cormorant fisherman on a small island in the Li River (the place from where the Chinese 20-yuan note had its picture taken). He will light up his gas lamp at dusk and cast his net over the golden sunset glow.

Day 4
Fishermen at Sunrise & Landscapes at Sunset

In the early morning we first drive to the riverside via a narrow country trail, then walk about 10 minutes to the photography location. It is a hidden place beside the Li River; normally there are no other photographers or tourists around.

This is the best place for shooting mountain reflections in the river; peaceful, with lots of water. We will have one or two cormorant fishermen in the river, and shoot breathtaking mountain reflections and fishing at dawn, and sunrise above the fishing nets.

Afterwards, we drive back to Guilin. We are going to visit a local medicine market, and experience how locals buy and sell things; a good subject for street photography.

In the afternoon, we move on towards a mountain (1 hour drive from Guilin). From a high spot we shoot the sunset over the classic karst mountains and rivers.

Day 5
Real Countryside Life Capture & Departure

We drive to a village outside Guilin in the early morning, climb a mountain off-the-beaten track nearby, shoot ‘mirror fields’ (hundreds of fishponds looking like broken glass) during sunrise, and capture the reflections of farmers working on rice paddies.

Heading to the countryside, we photograph a buffalo farmer on an ancient stone bridge in a village, with spectacular mountains in the distance.

The tour finishes at 2pm. Then send you to the airport or railway station.

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