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One Day Rice Terraces Photo Tour

The Longji rice terraces is a picturesque attraction that draws photography enthusiasts and tourists alike. The surrounding region is adorned with tribal villages, with the most popular being Ping'an Village and Dazhai Village.

Ping'an Village, with a majority of Zhuang people - the prevalent minority in Guangxi province, has a more advanced tourist infrastructure as it was established earlier. On the other hand, Dazhai Village, which is more extensive, is primarily inhabited by Yao people known for their impressively long hair that can achieve a length of up to two meters.


8am - 8pm

Aprox. photos

more than 100

Guide in


Group size

Only you

Why you need a photography guide?

A photography guide can take you to unique locations, suggest different angles for shots, assist with camera settings and composition, and facilitate interactions with local minority groups. With the help of a photographer guide, you will be able to capture portfolio-worthy shots that you can proudly showcase.

Photo Tour Itinerary

Meet Minority People

Your photography guide will meet you at your hotel in Guilin, and take you on a 2-hour drive to Dazhai village.

As a great starting point for the day's activities, you'll have the opportunity to visit an authentic minority family and experience their daily life. In particular, you'll get to photograph an elderly couple living in an old wooden house - a highly photogenic subject.


Your guide will help you capture some compelling portraits using natural light, allowing your photographs to speak for themselves.

Old Man
Longji rice terraces

Dazhai Village

After your visit to the minority family, you'll embark on a hike up the mountains within the Longji rice terraces. As you ascend, the landscape will change, offering different perspectives of the breathtaking rice terraces.

Be sure to capture photographs of the black-roofed minority tribes that surround the terraced fields, using a long lens to capture the circular or rounded shapes of the terraces. Additionally, you'll want to capture panoramic shots of the golden valley in autumn, taking advantage of the stunning views from the mountains.

Ping 'an Village

In the afternoon, you'll head to PingAn village - the second largest village in the Longji area. The name "Longji" means "dragon backbone" in Chinese, and was derived from the outline of the terraced fields in this village.

Notably, PingAn village is the only village where the terraced fields are irrigated from December to June. If you're interested in capturing photos of the reflected terraced fields, it's best to visit before the middle of June.

You'll return to Guilin at around 8pm, with a camera full of stunning photos to remember your day exploring the Longji rice terraces.

Longji rice terraces in Ping An

Camera gears suggestions for this photo tour

  • DSLR or mirrorless cameras with tripod

  • A wide angle lens. For example, Nikkor 14-24 or Canon 16-35

  • A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70mm for most of shots

  • A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 70-200mm, good to shoot some subjects in a distance.

  • A primary lens such as 50mm f/1.8 or 85mm f/1.4 for portraits shooting

  • GND filters would be good for sunrise and sunset photography

Longji rice terraces

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