One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour

One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour

Duration 4am - 9pm
Group size Only you
Guided in English
Instructed by Experienced photo guide
Aprox. photos more than 100

This one day photo tour allows you capture the most photogenic cormorant fishermen at sunrise, enjoying the scene of locals farming ducks in the stream, crossing the ancient stone bridge with buffalos, and the most spectacular landscapes at sunset. It is suitable for beginers, photo lovers and pros as well.

Our photo tour is private, will be only you, your guide and your driver. Our tour starts at even 3:30am, finishes at 9pm, you will be with us for over 15 hours in one day, that's the 2 days itinerary of normal tour companies. You are going home with satisfying photographs.

Why Join Our Photo Tour?

  • 1 PHOTOGRAPHER designed this tour
  • 2 PHOTOGRAPHER guide this tour

What does a photographer guide mean for the tour?

A photographer guide will take you to the unique spots, find the different angles, help you on camera settings and composition, interact with local minority people, you will bring home with portfolio shots.

Photo Tour Itinerary

Your photo guide and driver will meet you at your hotel around 3:30am or 4, you are heading to a secret place at the Li River side, 1 hour drive by countryside road. Then arriving at a secret platform after 10 minutes walking. We will make sure you will be there one hour ahead sunrise. You will have enough time to capture the cormorant fishermen who lighting the gas lamps, mountains and reflections in blue hour, and net casting over sunrise.

One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour
One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour

Landscapes are not always in fixed spots, our photo guides will also bring you more photography oppotunities on the way to next stop. It could be some unique mountains, an interesting scene of locals in rice fields, a small waterfall, old men talking under a big tree, buffalos or ducks crossing a bridge, or enjoy a cup of coffee by quiet roadside, and more.

After breakfast in a local rice noodle restaurant, you are driving to a peaceful village, which normal tourists won't reach even some locals' don't know where. Shoot the locals farming ducks and buffalos, capture the nice moment of farmers going home while a bundle holding fresh grass for their grassfishes. Take a relax walking in the village, find your interested pictures.

One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour
One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour

Have lunch in a popular local restaurants, enjoy kinds of Chinese dishes - dumplings, fried noodles, steak, desert. After a short break, then heading to an ancient town, take a relax walk on the old streets, and family visit to a local's house. Shoot the photogenic portraits in his old wooden house with natural lights and sense of times.

One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour
One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour

The tour will be finished by an amazing sunset photography. Walking up 600+ well stone steps to the mountain top, shoot the green village river with hundreds of mountain peaks as backdrop. Capture the charming sunset color with marvelous mountain layers. We will walk down the mountain after blue hour.

One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour
One Day Guilin Yangshuo Photo Tour

Camera Gears Suggestions for This Photo Tour

  • DSLR camera with tripod and remote shutter release
  • A wide angle lens. For example, Nikkor 14-24 or Canon 16-35. Best lens for panoramic landscapes photography
  • A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm for most of shots
  • A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 70-200 mm, good to shoot some subjects in a distance.
  • A primary lens such as 50mm f/1.8 or 85mm f/1.4 for portraits shooting
  • GND filters would be good for sunrise and sunset photography
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