About Us

We do private photo tours only

We are the photography specialists in Guilin, designing and guiding photography tours and workshops in Guilin, Yangshuo, Longji Rice Terraces and around. We all work as a photo guide over than 5 years, knowing the unique photo locations, sunrise and sunset timing and angle in different seasons, the time of the bufflos moving out every morning, local people farming ducks, and more.

We guided many world famous photographers

  • Sarah Wouters — one of the best photographers in Thailand, won the prize of Dubai Hipa photo contest and many other international contest
  • Doron Horowitz — the top photographer in Israel
  • Wilson Wong — the founder of Singapore photographer group on Facebook
  • Stephen Hermida — the president of the Photographic Society of Gibraltar
  • Kimatrai — from 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Meet Our Photography Team

Mercier Zeng

Founder, Photography specialist

Mercier Zeng is the founder of GPT (GuilinPhotoTours.com) and MZ (MercierZeng.com), he also works as the marketing direct of We Are Guides which is a free tour guides listing platform. With over 10 years of tourism industry experience, he is in charge of website interaction, marketing and conversion stuff. Started to do photography tours since 2014, designing and guiding 100+ photo tours each year.

Jack Photography Specialist
Top Photography Specialist
Kevin Photo Guide