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What Camera Gears to Bring?

Professional Camera Equipment

Camera &Lens

When shooting in Guilin, it is recommended to use different lenses depending on the subject.

  • If possible, I always recommend that my customers bring two cameras. This can save a lot of time, especially during sunrise and sunset when you may need to quickly switch between lenses.

  • For landscape and panorama photography, a wide-angle lens such as 16-35mm or 24-70mm is ideal.

  • If you want to capture something in the distance, like mountain peaks during sunrise or sunset, or a local working in the rice fields, a zoom lens like 70-200mm is the best option.

  • For portrait photography, like cormorant fishermen or an old man inside a house, a fixed lens like 50mm or 85mm will be very helpful.

Other Essentials

  • A tripod is essential for low light conditions, such as early morning and late evening.

  • While filters are not necessary, it's a good idea to bring them along if you have space in your bag. A GND filter can be useful for managing big light contrast conditions during sunrise and sunset. However, ND filters are not needed.

  • It's also important to bring a torch or headlight, especially if you plan on ascending mountains or reaching the riverside in the dark.

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