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1-Day Guilin Videography Tour

This tour of videography is specifically designed for videographers and documentary filmmakers.

The tour encompasses capturing footage of cormorant fishermen during the early hours of dawn till sunrise, picturesque countryside landscapes featuring buffalo farmers, and an indoor session with an elderly man in his wooden house.


4am - 7pm

Aprox. scenes


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we assisted the renowned filmmaker Alexander Alexandrov in capturing footage of the cormorant fishermen

Videography Tour Itinerary


Cormorant Fishermen from Dawn to Sunrise

You will be picked-up from your hotel around 4am for one-hour drive to a secret location by the Li River.  


You will film the following scenes:

  • Cormorant fishermen lighting gaslamp

  • Casting nets over sunrise

  • Fishermen in beautiful mountain reflections

  • Smoking on raft

  • Flying birds into river to show their fishing before

  • Close portrait

  • And many more scenes


Ancient Town & Portrait

After a short break, we will explore an ancient town, take a visit a local family's old wooden house.

You will film the following scenes:

  • Washing vetegables and fruits

  • Cooking in a traditional kitchen

  • Calligraphy in natural light

  • Walking on old street

  • Making tofu with millstone

  • Playing Chinese guitar


Buffalo Farmer Village

In the afternoon, we will head to a peaceful village that is not frequented by typical tourists. Here, you can capture shots of locals farming ducks and buffalos, and witness farmers returning home with fresh grass for their grassfishes. 

You will film the following scenes:

  • Buffalo farmer crossing the old stone bridge

  • Sitting on bridge and smoking

  • Beautiful bridge and mountain reflections

  • Carrying something and crossing the bridge

  • A farmer swiming with his buffalo

  • Walking in ridge of fields with a lantern in blue hour

  • ... 

Camera gears suggestions

  • Video cameras like Sony A7S3, FX3, and GoPro, which can capture footage of filming scenes

  • A mid-range zoom lens such as a 24-70mm is suitable for most shots and fixed lens like 85mm

  • It's essential to have a stable film tripod and necessary supportive lighting equipment


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