Guilin Photo Tours

Guilin Photo Tour Specialists

Guilin photo tours offer high quality photography tours and workshops in Guilin, Yangshuo and Longji Terraced Fields for photographer groups and individuals.

Whether it is to capture the sunrise over hundreds of karst mountains, or to shoot the cormorant fishermen gas lamp portraits in blue hour, and catch the sunray shines on terraced fields, you could be sure we will put all our efforts into helping you get a series of portfolio shots.

Photographers Guide Photographers

All our guides are experienced photographers, Canon guys and Nikon guys. They guide photo tours almost 200 days each year, and got many excellence reviews from photo lovers and pros. Some photographers from US, Singapore and Germany did the photo tours twice or three times with us. We understand how important the photo tour for you, we value every moment and try to help you get a portfolio shot.

I am mostly a people travel photographer and Mercier ensue in my itinerary that I got many opportunities to photograph people and also ensured I got the opportunity to shot the spectacular landscapes of the region. Mercier and his partner Jack seems very well connected and both are very friendly speaks very good English. Stephen from Gibraltar (The president of national photographic society)

Get inspired from our Guilin timelapse video...

Affordable Guilin Photo Tours

We suggest you to spend 3-6 days for capturing the highlights of Guilin, but if you don't have much time here or traveling with family, the following short photo tours would be fit for you.

Our day tours would start at 4am and finish at 10pm, we are making sure that you can home with the great shots at right timing. Just enjoy the shooting and the breathtaking views that we brought you to.

1 Day Cormorant Fishermen at Sunrise & Sunset Over Mountains
  • Instructor: Kevin, Top & Mercier
  • Best Times: May - October
  • Capture the cormorant fishermen at sunrise, farmers crossing the bridge with his buffalos and sunset down to paradise.
2 Days Longji Terraced Fields, Landscapes and Cormorant Fisherman
  • Instructor: Kevin, Top & Mercier
  • Best Times: May - October
  • This tour is for most photographers who don't have much time in Guilin, covering the tribal village, mountain sunrise and cormorant fishermen.
3 Days Longji Rice Terraces, Cormorant Fishermen & Countryside Life
  • Instructor: Jack & Top
  • Best Times: May - October
  • Focus on minority villages with rice terraces, and most photogenic cormorant fishermen both at sunrise and sunset.
5 Days Longji Rice Terraces, Tribal Village, Focus on Sunrise and Sunset
  • Instructor: Jack, Top & Mercier
  • Best Times: May - October
  • Get the portfolio shots with sunray or sea of clouds over terraced fields, and landscapes sunrise and sunset with cormorant fishermen.